Community credit and biomimicry


Community credit and biomimicry

RADIO SHOW:  Jamie Brown (see past and ongoing projects, below) sees community credit (like local exchange trade systems—LETS), springing up under the canopy of the overarching monetary system.

Quoting Ms. Brown on the website, Conscious Evolution,

‘I’ve focused on regenerative financial architecture since 2005 and am excited about interconnecting the community credit systems that are emerging through local networks worldwide, a global bottom-up credit superorganism for the mature human species.  I spent the last two years focused on the question, How would nature design a financial system? and am working with the Biomimicry Global Network to put these lessons into practice.

Biological design can inform financial architecture at all levels from community exchange to global finance policy.  I share the vision of a sustainable economy that’s an extension of ecology, where human and natural system designs flow together seamlessly.’

This radio show begins with an interview with Ellen Brown, author of Web of Debt; founder and president of the Public Banking Institute, on current state of the economy and the too-big-to-fail banks.  At 15:50, Ellen Brown interviews her daughter, Jamie Brown.

Click this link to listen to the radio show.

Additional information from the Conscious Evolution (Jamie Brown’s) website:

Past Projects

UNEP National Climate Finance in Developing Countries
UNEP Sustainable Energy Finance Alliance
IRENA Renewable Energy Finance in Developing Countries
​IDB/KfW Energy Efficiency Finance in Latin America
GIZ Smart Climate Finance
Global Infrastructure Basel

Ongoing Projects

Finance 3.8 – A Biomimicry Design Challenge
Biomimicry Switzerland
Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) International
Biomimicry Global Network (BGN) Leaders Community
Basel Financial Sustainability Forum
Ethical Biomimicry Finance

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