What is it like to live under a tyranny of psychopaths?

WhyThe cost of living is radically increasing, personal income decreasing, and people are falling out of the economy – from unskilled labor to professionals. Jobs are disappearing and everyone is buried in debt. All the money has been sucked out of the economy by the ultra-rich. Social turmoil is on the rise and battles with the national security forces are common. There’s the sense that everything is disintegrating.

Is there a way forward? Yes!

Cedric3These people found a way. Who are they? Sam is a computer engineer who was laid off but makes a new life for himself and his family. Ruth is a public school teacher whose school is closed but she continues to believe in and work for an evolutionary leap in human development. Hugo is a young man who abandons his Hugo
college education because of the overwhelming debt and joins the anarchists. Everett is the son of a mega bank owner who decides he must destroy the economic system. Cedric is a man who joins the Army and goes to war in the Middle East; and when he returns, he takes up the cause of local activists. And Howard is the brother of a televangelist who Maranathagoes on a quest for answers to tough questions.  Each one finds his or her way to a place called Occutopia where the Occupy movement has taken up residence in an empty high  school in Portland, Oregon. And there, those who have fallen out of the economic system come together to organize and create a Ruthbetter world. They take the beginning steps toward addressing the root cause of the overwhelming problems we face – the tyranny of psychopaths.

We are living in a time…

…when psychopaths have risen to power in all corporations, governments, and institutions. They are hell-bent on consuming resources at an unsustainable pace, on endless war, and debt slavery.  burning dollarAnd they are taking our world down a path to destruction.  Is there anything we can do about it?  Yes.  We’re going to have to hit the reset button.  How?  For the answer to that question, I invite you to read the book, The Tyranny of Psychopaths, a Satire. Please check out the pages on this website and the book page. Also see Powell’s Books online  or Amazon  (where you can read quite a bit of it) or contact me directly here.  Your information will not be displayed or shared.



  1. This book brings together a lot of very important issues and presents them through stories and characters I can relate to. These are my friends and neighbors, as well as me! The issue I am facing now is the mountain of student debt that will begin eating into my social security. I’m concerned that I will have very little to live on when I start drawing the benefits. Even if the benefit is expanded it will not begin to cover the monthly cost of the student loan. This is a situation faced by many seniors as well as young people. Unfortunately, I don’t have several decades to repay the loans. The Bushes made the change so that student loans cannot be discharged with bankruptcy. One solution is to add an option on the deferment form that says anyone who is taking social security benefits is exempt from student loan payments. That would provide relief to millions of older folks who carry their own loans or those of a family member.

  2. As an educator, I am fascinated by so many original ideas in this book.
    In particular, the idea of the Second World, with people from around the world simultaneously working together to expand knowledge and solve global problems, is inspiring. How different this is from our present system where students’ education is narrowly channeled to answer questions on a prescribed test. Because students experience this limiting kind of education all through school, they may assume that that’s what they will find in the work place when they graduate. Our best hope would be that they would instead have the facility of the Second World to address the challenges and changes ahead in our society.

    • I’m also an educator. Children assume that way of thinking is what they will find in the workforce because that is what they’ll find in the workforce. This will never change because of Charter schools, the Common Core, union busting and corporate America’s influence over the education system.

  3. Hi Janet,

    I’m only on page 62 and I am so gripped with anguish from all the societal problems you are addressing in your book. I have to take a lot of breaks because I am reminded about how few of us are aware, and how even fewer of us are making an effort to change the status quo. You wrote a very valuable piece, and it may take some time to get circulated because it is before its time. So many people choose to be aloof – but your book will be a force to be reckoned with eventually. Thank you so much for your creativity and your work!

  4. I want to add that I especially like the discussion of religion. I’m not fond of some of the tenants of organized religions so it was refreshing to see how religion plays a part in the story. Very insightful!

  5. I find this book amazingly insightful. I believe it is a timely piece of work, very relevant in this time of societal transition, where dysfunctional behavior has become the norm. This dysfunction is so pervasive at all levels, especially in places of influence and power.I believe the development of the characters in the novel offers us a direct and clear picture that could easily reflect a personal and collective aspect of our values and motivations as we struggle in our day-to-day challenges. Again the question I would pose for us as a society is, what kind of world do we want? If we are to find a positive solution to these kinds of problems, being that we are only presented with the option of being either predators or victims, I believe the choice is up to use. We have to take the responsibility. I highly recommend this book and feel it should be used in classrooms and colleges as part of the curriculum. A job well done in this book by Janet Cascadia, an amazing contemporary writer.

  6. Technology is a product of imagination and inspiration. All of which would not exist without freedom. Terany and dictators use the wisdoms of the free to abolish freedom. They strive to enslave by stupifieing the world. So the globalists agenda is to preserve stupidity. Crazy is the proper term for the globalist mission. Technology is why they are in power and that’s due to freedom. Can you really believe a globalist is trying to better the human race by implementing stupidity a weapon to ensure stupidity for eternity?

  7. I couldnt agree more with the way the world has become, I am truly sick of being walked on and having to just except it. I come from Stoke on trent in England and our country is just a shadow of its former glory and the people who run it are just corrupt and couldn’t care less about their own people.As long as they get what they want that is all that seems to matter..Good luck..

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